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Go CineMobile

Go CineMobile is a new implementation of an old (prudent and well-tested) concept, where we bring the studio to your location.

The original Cinemobile was a highly modified van and production equipment package, including cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, created to be flown all over the world for filming movie and television location shots. The first iteration was a 16′ van with a 26′ hydraulic lift that Sa’id called his Mark I model. He rented it out for the several “I Spy” episodes, but it wasn’t long before Cinemobiles were used for feature films.

In 1969 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Fouad Sa’id the Scientific or Technical (Class II) Award “for the design and introduction of the Cinemobile series of equipment trucks for location motion picture production” (Academy Awards Database).

Read the fascinating story of the Cinemobile and the man behind it in the article “The Man Who Showed Hollywood How” by Bart Sheridan (September/October 1971 edition of Aramco World).

To simplify production and Go CineMobile, add our Panasonic VariCam LT to the fully loaded DP camera grip truck and call Rich at +1 (917) 655-5790.

If you need a film production studio with 2 Cam-Lok stages (both 16′ to ceiling) and a 10-acre backlot, you should also call Rich.