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Camera Truck With Lighting, Grip, and Electric, All In

Our purpose-built, 5-ton, 26 ft. camera truck with lighting, grip, and electric, starts with a Cat diesel engine and an Allison transmission. It features an Interlift leveling lift gate (2,200 lbs), airbrakes, a curbside door, and a shooting platform on the roof. It ends with you getting the last shot of your day.

Not sure what you need? Check out the Mathews Studio Equipment Griptionary or call Rich at +1 (917) 655-5790 for free expert guidance.

photo of 5-ton grip truck

5-ton grip truck, 26 ft. Cat diesel, with Allison transmission, Interlift leveling lift gate (2,200 pounds), aluminum diamond plate roof

Additional features:

  • 4,000 watt chassis mounted Onan Microlite generator with inverter, remote start, remote fuel gauge,  and battery status
  • Compressor and air bottle
  • Camera build bench, Speedrail shelves, changing/darkroom, shooting platform on roof, jockey boxes, sidewalk seamless ramp, liftgate stairs, 8,000 pound winch


Note: We have nearly everything in the Matthews Studio Equipment catalogue (well…let’s just say it feels like it when we’re loading the truck ;-)). Stay tuned for publication of our line cards.

  • Grip: Small clamps, flags, etc. (full set)
  • Grip: Medium clamps, flags, etc. (full set)
  • Grip: Large clamps, flags, etc., plus 6×6, 8×8, 12×12, 12×20, 20×20 (full set)
  • Our fabrics and diffusion feature premium products from The Rag Place, such as UltraBounce and Vintage Charcoal
Roepnack Racks: Rolling film grip/lighting racks

Roepnack Racks: Custom-built, rolling grip racks are great on location, saving you trips back to the truck.


  • (2) 600 Amp distro (1 pass-thru)
  • 300 feet banded, 5-wire feeders
  • 5-wire Cam Loks and 3-fers (12 each)
  • Bates and Twist lock adapters
  • 500 feet of 20 amp 12 g stingers (100’s, 50’s, 25’s & 10’s)

HMI / 5600 k

  • Mole-Richardson 400 (softlight)
  • Arri 1200 fresnel
  • DeSisti 1200 fresnel
  • DeSisti 1200 par
  • Arri 2.5 k
  • Arri 4.k
  • Arri 6.k
  • Matthews 42” and 24” reflectors – with yokes and stands

*mag ballast unless otherwise noted

Xenon / 5,500 k

  • 1k
  • 2k
  • 4K
  • 7k
  • Matthews xenon mirror


  • Mole-Richardson 200
  • Mole-Richardson 400
  • Mole-Richardson 600
  • Mole-Richardson 1000
  • Mole-Richardson 2000
  • 1000 watt softlight

Dedolight 150 with iris diaphragm, filter holder, snoot


photo of expendables cart

1,200 pound, DOT-compliant, single axle trailer with removable sides , ‘X’ bracket rails and D-rings, aluminum loading ramps, plug & play dual-channel winch bracket, registered and current plates

  • John Deere 3000 ES true-steam generator and pressure washer
  • Portable 36″ fan


  • Genie GS1930 Scissor Lift: 19 ft reach, 30″ wide; rolls through any doorway
  • Werner 1A 300lb. capacity fiberglass ladder set (4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft), 8ft tripod ladder, and 24ft extension ladder
  • 1,200 lb. capacity, DOT compliant trailer
  • Pallet jack, 6,000 lb. capacity
  • 500 lb. capacity portable vertical lift
  • Parallels: 4-stages
  • Baker scaffolding: 12 stages with wheels


  • Tents: EZ-UP Eclipse II:
    • 10 X 10 full with side walls, cases
    • 10 X 10 frame and top
    • 10 X 20 frame and top
  • Fold-up craft tables (4)
  • Folding chairs (12)


  • (12) 36” deluxe road cones

Expendables Cart (Call for current rate and more information)

  • Fully loaded with all gels, Duvetyne (black and white), bead boards, gaffers tape pins and clips, wire rope and string.
  • Use/charge as needed
  • Ask about our “one shot” super discount for all of these supplies.


To simplify production and Go CineMobile, add our Panasonic VariCam LT to the fully loaded grip truck and call Rich at +1 (917) 655-5790.

If you need a film production studio with 2 Cam-Lok stages (both 16′ to ceiling) and a 10-acre backlot, you should also call Rich.