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photo of Panasonic VariCam LT

Panasonic VariCam LT 35mm camera with 4K native sensor and dual native ISO settings of 800 / 5000

We now have the Panasonic VariCam LT-ProEX camera package available for production shoots! Great for handheld, Steadicam, jib, crane, gimbal, and drone shooting applications, the VariCam LT includes an EF lens mount, hot swappable batteries, IR shooting capability, a 23.98 PsF output, cinema-style file naming, and scene files.

(Read Sebastian Wöber’s review of the VariCam LT on Cinema5D)

And, just delivered to our production studio, the Arri Lightweight Matte Box (LMB-25 (Pro Set)), with a complete set of filter stages and lens clamps!

35mm, Super 16/16mm Sync & MOS Cameras (6) – full packages (all D.P. owned):

  • Arri BL IV:  CEI IV vid assist, camera received full overhaul and movement was completely rebuilt by Axel Broda to ARRIFLEX factory settings and specs. 2nd back up complete movement also rebuilt by Axel Broda before his retirement. Custom under slung mount built by Steve Cardellini.
  • Fries/Mitchell R3 : 11 cases
  • Fries/Mitchell 35R: 10 cases plus integrated analogue motion control and 5 axis model mover
  • Aaton XTR Prod Super 16mm camera: 800 foot mags, extra long operators viewfinder, full build camera, 7 cases; recent full bench review at Abel Cine 
  • Arri IIC cameras (2): anamorphic gate, anamorphic ground glass, video assist, one with full overhaul and rebuilt movement by Axel Broda to ARRIFLEX specs, 400 footmags, 3 Steadicam mags, rare super-wide angle viewfinder, one with custom under sling mount; perfect for Steadicam (we have all Steadicam cables for these Arris)
Weaver Steadman jib arm

Weaver Steadman Jib Arm (1 of 2)


  • Duclos-built, color matched set of 35/50/75/100mm round front Lomo Anamorphic lenses; geared for focus and iris
  • Spherical lenses; inquire
  • DP custom case: includes spot, incident, projector and color meters


  • Steadicam [full rig]
  • Moy geared head and mini Moy geared head (fine tooth)
  • Set of Mitchell mount crane risers and Mitchell mount camera risers
  • Weaver Steadman 3-axis head and 2 Weaver Steadman jib arms
  • 2 city blocks (400 feet) of 20 foot lengths of 1-½” Speedrail dolly track; 30 inter-locks,  and 60 connectors
  • Backstage dedicated dolly track grip cart includes 800 wedge blocks, 400 cribbing blocks, 100 Matthews Elephant Blocks, wedge holders, and cup block holder with 12 cup blocks
  • Cart includes inter-locks, rotary laser (see below), wedge and cribbing milk crates, cup block holder and wedge bracket and Magliner sub-cart for block distribution
  • Topcon rotary laser for dolly track/cribbing layout; shoots 2 simultaneous reference beams at 90 off axis for positional reference;  kit includes daylight/infrared sensor
  • Optional analog/stepper MoCo chain drive available
Weaver Steadman 3-axis head

Weaver Steadman 3-axis head


  • 77” X 32” first/front surface mirror and backing/frame with 4 custom brackets (by Steve Cardellini) – for Matthpole or any speed rail mount (handles an anamorphic format at 45 degrees)
  • 9” X 14” and 11” X 24” Edmunds Optics first/front surface mirror with Edmunds Optics fine tuning mount and hanging bracket
  • Using the two of these together yields a corrected image width capacity of up to 10 feet wide within a 4’ x 7’ x 21’  two-dimensional floor space (25 feet throw {origin 35 mm})

To simplify production and Go CineMobile, add our Panasonic VariCam LT to the fully loaded DP camera grip truck and call Rich at +1 (917) 655-5790.

If you need a film production studio with 2 Cam-Lok stages (both 16′ to ceiling) and a 10-acre backlot, you should also call Rich.